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Consistently named as one of the top burlesque artists in the UK, Felicity Furore has been taking the British cabaret scene by storm since her debut in 2013.

With a cheeky smile and a raised eyebrow, Felicity is playful yet dangerous, glamorous yet scandalous. Her work pays homage to the golden age of burlesque, when a dropped glove and a meaningful look sent pulses racing. Taking burlesque back to its beginnings in comedy and satire, Felicity revels in the tongue in cheek nature of the art form. Her acts celebrate and subvert the traditional showgirl image, blending classic striptease with character, pop culture and comedy into a singular performance style described as “energetic, playful and ridiculous” by Run Riot.

Felicity can be seen performing around the country and internationally, including a residency at Proud Cabaret, monthly alongside The House of Q at Theatre Deli, touring across Europe as part of Party Like Gatsby, and returning repeatedly to such renowned shows as The Hundred Watt Club, Joe Black’s House of Burlesque, Cabaret Roulette, Soho Burlesque Club, The Rah Rah Revue and The Cheeky Devil’s Club.

 Felicity was named one of the “UK Burlesque Performers of the Year” by The Burlesque Awards in September 2016, and was listed in Daily Quencher’s “Top 10 UK Burlesque Acts to Watch in 2016”. She was also listed among the top 20 most influential burlesque artists in the UK by 21st Century Burlesque in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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